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Welcome to Phycomer™
"Natural organic soaps and
seaweed baths from the sea"

Ever take a walk by the seashore and feel the fresh breeze? Ever wish you could take that naturally pure freshness home with you? Well, welcome to the new revolution in hair and skin care where we give you what nature intended. While we don’t promise to harvest the wind we can guarantee the natural goodness of the sea in our seaweed soap and bathing range. Like all our products, we select the finest seaweeds, which ooze with vitamins and minerals. It is these seaweed vitamins and minerals together with natural oils and salts which are combined to make the best products, which are suitable for your skin. These different soap combinations can even be used with problem skin conditions like acne, psoriasis. Seaweeds offer many exciting theraputic possibilities not only internall but externally as well.This is the inspiration for this product range.

Seaweed Soaps Range Seaweed Bathing Range
Dr Maher's Phycomer tm, handmade seaweed soap range dr maher's phycomer tm, seaweed bathing range

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Each of our two product ranges are made with wild harvested seaweed products.

Our handmade seaweed soap range, are made with the highest quality saponified vegetable oils (all food grade oils) with added green seaweed (Ulva species).

Our seaweed bathing range is made with the finest quality bathing seaweed used for hundreds of years inhealing baths in coastal towns throughout Europe.

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